McCloy Construction Company

Licensed, Bonded, General Contractor Since 1967

West Virginia distributor for A.B. Chance Helical Piers

McCloy Construction Company is the oldest licensed, bonded and nationally certified contractor in the State of West Virginia. Our West Virginia Contractors License number is 68.  McCloy Construction Company is licensed in General Engineering, General Building, Residential, Multifamily, Electrical, Heating, Ventilating & Cooling, Piping, Plumbing, and Specialty. McCloy Construction Company is bonded through Wells Fargo Insurance. We can provide a performance bond and labor and material bond on any state or federal job requiring a bond. McCloy Construction Company has extensive experience in every aspect of the construction field. McCloy Construction personnel hold degrees in Bachelor of Science in Design and Masters of Science in Soils Engineering.

A. B. Chance provides Helical deep pile solutions for many applications.  Helical piers have secured residential structures, commercial structures, industrial sites, hospitals, warehouses, offices, baseball stadiums, basketball stadiums, football stadiums, churches, schools, restaurants, convenience stores, auto supply, post office, gas stations, apartment buildings, cell towers, water towers, elevator towers, environmental sensitive areas, slips,. . . Limited only by your imagination.